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jeanette burkle(non-registered)
hi guy...
it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday at Oatlands (albeit very briefly). your photos are stunning! i enjoyed perusing through your galleries on your site–especially love the way you treat your subjects when going for an abstract look! you have quite an eye and a talent for presenting your subjects in the best light ;) very, very nice work!
marilyn cloyd(non-registered)
Thanks, Guy, for a lovely tour through your most wonderful photos. I especially enjoyed the trees - no matter where, you showed them beautifully.
Milt Wyatt(non-registered)
Guy, your photos are beautiful - “ I always thought good photos were like good jokes. If you have to explain it, it just isn’t that good.
Lon Dowell(non-registered)
Wonderful images... I always knew you had the "eye" for photography!
Phyllis Payne(non-registered)
These are incredibly beautiful. You have a special gift for seeing the world in a unique way and sharing that with others. You truly are an artist.
Jennie Washburn(non-registered)
And, I will say that you do take beautiful wedding pictures also - whether you like to do them or not!
Jennie Washburn(non-registered)
You have a gift, My Brother. Absolutely beautiful.
Aimee Fate(non-registered)
Never knew I had such a talented Uncle. This were beautiful.
All beautiful. The color in Macro and Flowers is stunning.
Beth Dorsey
I had to register so I could keep all my favorites saved! Love 'em all, though.
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