My photography career began in the Navy Hospital Corps when, without any photography experience, I volunteered to be an Ophthalmic Photographer, a specialized profession which utilizes unique (expensive) equipment to photograph all aspects of the eye, both inside and out. I turned that Navy experience into a career as an Ophthalmic Photographer then into sales of Ophthalmic Photography equipment.

My first ‘serious’ camera was a 35mm Canon FT-QL with a 70-300 mm Macro Focusing Zoom lens. That lens opened up a new world of macro photography which allowed me to show the elements, details and patterns of our world that we usually do not see – or notice because many times we only look without seeing.


I like shooting rustbuckets, old barns, landscapes, gardens, and hotrods (which I like to present in a different perspective than a mere portrait), but no weddings.

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